Mounting tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union evolves into a nuclear arms race known as the Cold War.


Aliens (Zeta Grays) respond to a binary message sent from the United States. A series of secret summits between government officials and representatives of the alien species takes place, resulting in the Greada Treaty-an agreement granting the aliens permission to conduct experiments on humans in exchange for technology.


Two additional alien specials make contact with the U.S. Government and agree to the terms of the Greada Treaty.


Aliens begin working with Russia, developing medical and agricultural technology.


The CIA discovers that two alien races are in violation of the Greada Treaty, leading to the termination of the agreement. All projects with the Zeta Grays and Arelians are suspended indefinitely.


Eight additional alien races establish contact with various governing bodies around the world.


Weapons manufacturers begin employing aliens as engineers. The Extraterrestrial Cold War is aptly named.


   Intelligence agencies begin training aliens as field operatives.


The Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Defense division of the CIA is born. Monolith- the Russian equivalent is established the same year.


Praxis- a UN-led agency is tasked with creating countermeasures to any and all extraterrestrial weapons developed by both superpowers- is conceived.


Benjamin Argyle is found among the wreckage of a crashed alien vessel and is rehabilitated in a lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico.


Benjamin is sent on his first assignment as a field operative for EID.


An explosion at a facility in Shanghai leads to the disappearance of Benjamin.


It is discovered that the KGB has retrieved an unconscious Benjamin from the Pacific, and has quarantined him in an infirmary deep within the confines of the Zhitkur (a heavily-fortified and secretive compound in Russia).


With the help of Henry White, a retired EID agent, Benjamin escapes Zhitkur.


Benjamin, along with Henry and a Praxis-engineered robot named Annie, is in pursuit of Madeline "The Mother" Devereaux- an arms dealer who recently acquired a dangerous alien weapon with disturbing capabilities from an interstellar, psychopathic criminal by the name of Eddie Crow...